Contact list sorting 0.66.1


After upgrade to snap 0.66.1 contact list sorts too strange… Not in real name, surname (Cyrillic), not in login or email… (I mean A-Z sorting)


Take a look up here:
Click the AZ icon

Choose your sort.


I tryed “Alphabetical” - here was a-y list, next a-o list. I can’t understand a logic, but i can

take a screenshot )
Then, sorting by activity is also wrong, users says…


Same issue here after 0.66.1 snap migration issue and fix. Users complaining a lot so looking forward the fix


Can you try changing the sort and then back and see if that resolves?

If you did a snap upgrade and bypassed the migration this sounds like a side effect


Yes, i tried. Sort order is still unlogical ) I didn’t only restart the server, but i care because some messages here says “Snap migration failed for 0.66.1”… howere now version os is 66.2


Conrifm same thing after update to 0.66.1


Once you toggle the sort… does it correct its self after they start sending messages in the channels? It may not be instantly fixed but after a few messages are sent in the channels


We have a similar issue. After you write someone a direct message the contact goes up in the list. Even if you have “alphabetical” sorting active.
We use snap and are on version 0.66.2



No, this sorting is still broken. Now, it looks MOSTLY sorting, but in the begining of list and a few element are not :slight_smile:


Interestingly problem is present here only when using Rocket.Chat+ on Windows or MacOS. When chatting via web browsers, sorting is 100% OK.

Can anyone else confirm this?