Error: Deployment error: No App found by the id


I’m trying to deploy an App using the following command:

rc-apps package
rc-apps deploy --url --username USERNAME --update

In the local environment using Docker it works but does not work on the production environment with the same image. I’m getting the following error:

packaging your app... packaged!
And, what is the password?: PASSWORD
deploying your app... !
Error: Deployment error: No App found by the id: 6b0dacb2-c15b-46a6-b675-24febc447e3b
    at Deploy.asyncSubmitData (~/.nvm/versions/node/v11.4.0/lib/node_modules/

The server version:

|                SERVER RUNNING                | 
|                                              | 
|  Rocket.Chat Version: 0.72.3                 | 
|       NodeJS Version: 8.11.3 - x64           | 
|             Platform: linux                  | 
|         Process Port: 3000                   | 
|             Site URL: http://localhost:3000  | 
|     ReplicaSet OpLog: Disabled               | 
|          Commit Hash: 65747ce814             | 
|        Commit Branch: HEAD                   | 
|                                              | 


Shame on me. I was trying to update an app that doesn’t exist on the server.
Thanks @douglas.gubert for clarifying that.

The fix… remove the --update from the command.