Number of reaction preview / view reaction details

We do use Rocket for announcements. Readers just have to react with a thumbsup.

If the number of reactions increases and the list of “reactors” gets too big, there is just something like “+ 2 more” at the mouse-over list. However, we want to be able to see, who exactly confirmed with the thumbsup.

At the mobile UI, I long-press, then I get a list. I found no option like this at web/Windows UI.

Is there any option, to allow the mouse-over list to be bigger or get a detail list with some click?

Nobody any comment.The issue is really annoying

Is the app poll can help you ?

As said: We make an announcement. Everybody, who has read, gives a thumbs-up. Via mouse-over, you can check, who exactly confirmed with a thumb. But once, the list gets too long, the last names are replaced by “+ x more”. This does not allow the manager to check, who missed.

No idea, how the poll app shall help here.