Nginx - Websocket Issue


Hello There. As many others, I too have issues connecting with android or IOS. I searched through a lot of documentation and changed the config mutliple times. I wonder where the problem might lie?

Sorry, I had to post somewhere else as this forum allows new users only to paste 2 Links…

more info in there:

edit: also oddly, with the android app it seems to work very seldomly and randomly. after for example 1 hour of letting the app open and reconnecting it “might” connect or at least appear connected.



Have you checked this issue already?

Thank you!


Yes. The nginx conf there doesn’t help


This issue is still open for me, any more hints?
Oddly I get messages in the app that something was written, but I can still not use the apps, neither android nor ios.
I would really love to solve this as some users depend on app usage.


What is your RC server version? The latest servers I think from 68 the endpoint of API moved from /API/info --> /API/V1/info. That is why your server response bad 400 request. Try to go a GET request to /api/v1/info and if that work you have to move the end point in your server. Or use and earlier release. I hope is help.