Mixed-content error for live chat

I’m running rocket chat on ubuntu which is running on a rasp pi 3. I installed rocket chat via the snap and have everything running behind a reverse proxy (nginx reverse proxy manager). I enabled live chat and put it on my website but I am getting a mix-content error when the agent loads.

My website is https, rocketchat is https but it is trying to load http requests on page.visted and the config token. In the admin section, I have the site url as https so I’m not sure where the issue is.

Anyone else run into this?

Having the same issues here with a manual install… Can’t figure out why omni channel is going to the proxy :3000 instead of calling it directly from the URL (which works fine). Did you find a resolution?

I went with using the rocket.chat plugin for wordpress instead of uploading the code. This fixed the issue for me