Migrating WhatsApp Business API from different Inbox provider


My WhatsApp Business API number is ported-to/managed by 360Dialog.com, and I have been using get.chat to manage my inbox/interfaces and now considering a migration to Rocket Chat and I have two questions/concerns:

  • Will I be able to migrate the previous conversations from get.chat?

  • Regarding the app available on Rocket.Chat Marketplace: (WhatsApp Integration powered by 360Dialog), for the monthly fees, I want to know if it’s on top of what I pay to 360Dialog, or, since is it the same fees that I am already paying to 360Dialog?

Best regards

Migrating previous conversations from one platform to another can be complex, and it depends on the capabilities and APIs provided by both get.chat and Rocket.Chat. If both platforms offer APIs that allow data export and import, it might be possible to migrate your previous conversations. You should check with Rocket.Chat’s support or documentation to see if they offer tools or guidance for data migration. It’s also advisable to consult with 360Dialog to understand if they have any specific procedures or recommendations for migrating conversations from get.chat to Rocket.Chat.

The fees associated with the “WhatsApp Integration powered by 360Dialog” on the Rocket.Chat Marketplace might have changed or been updated since my last knowledge update. Typically, when integrating third-party services like 360Dialog with a platform like Rocket Chat, the fees for the integration itself are separate from the fees you might be paying directly to 360Dialog for WhatsApp Business API usage.

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