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Migrate to new server

Hello! We currently have a Rocket.Chat running on Ubuntu 20.04 installed via Digital Ocean one-click install. However, we are going to need a different URL for this server soon as we will need to distinguish between two purposes. Since I would actually prefer a snap install over the Digital Ocean one-click install (and Debian over Ubuntu), I was thinking about creating the new server on a separate droplet and migrate the current content/database. What is the smoothest way to do this?


Lots, of backups, and test, test, test again.

You should move the DB between same Rocket and Mongo versions eg 3.18.1 → 3.18.1

Do NOT try mixing them, particularly the Rocket version. I am not sure what version snaps are but you may need to wait until a matching version is released

You will need to backup the old version, open the backup zip, and rename the DB to ‘parties’ - see elsewhere here about the DB name.