Mail notifications in raw instead of HTML


I am an end-user using rocketchat embedded client in a web brower.

I configured notifications which allow me to be aware of any message through mail, even if I am out of my office, or on not on the rocketchat tab of my browser.

Those notifications are really useful, however, they are sent in html which increase the size of messages by a factor x40. It seems having an unnecessary impact on disk space, bandwidth, energy and environnement.

However, I did not find how to choose the send format in raw format.
Would it be possible to allow mail notifications in raw instead of HTML in its own account?

I am looking for a solution which do not need to install the client software on my client.
Thank you

Hi! Welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

You are looking to activate the following setting:

ADMIN > Settings > Email > Style > Send only plain text emails

Tip: if you ever want to find something inside our huge settings panel :wink: