[Livechat] Chat transfer between chatbot and a live agent, vice versa or from one agent to another


Hello team, thanks for such a great open source product.

I wanted to ask a question, is there is a way to transfer chat between chatbot and agent?
Idea is to have a chatbot handle converstaion as much as possible but when unable to(for e.g. questions for which it has not been trained), transfer the control to a live agent?

This is for a Livechat scenario. e.g. widget on a website handled by chatbot and gets transfered to agent when and if needed.

Livechat agent routing

Hi there @monami
Yes we have that working on catbot, at Rocket.Chat’s website, which is chatbot made in hubot.

What we actually do there is to use the hubot’s adapter method ‘callMethod’ to call a livechat:transfer method within rocketchat.

You can check this project out https://github.com/RocketChat/hubot-natural, or if you’re just interested in the method, you can take a look at this code here https://github.com/RocketChat/hubot-natural/blob/f93b7b39739f4c3c6dd965ca499f3decb23a824a/scripts/events/respond.coffee#L31

hope you can enjoy it =)


Hi Diego
This is helpful! Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


@monami, thanks, it’s helpful, btw, I didn’t find the document on Livechat:transfer, when can I find the user guide or document for this function, could you please share me a link or similar? thanks in advance

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What about the opposite? How an human agent can send it back to the robot?