Live chat implementation in Rocket chat


I would like to know, how i can to do for live chat on my all page in rocket chat. http://localhost:3000.

It’s possible?

In doc i see “Then copy the code displayed into the source code of your website. You may modify it to meet your specific requirements.” but i don’t know where i paste this code.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @osmaney : are you trying to host the livechat widget in your application//website??

if yes, you need to paste it something like this


sample text1 sample text2 sample text3 <...script for rocketchat> <...end of script> <.../body>

Thank you for your reply!

I install rocket chat with snap in my ubuntu server and i don’t know where i must to past this code.

The reposortiy begin with /snap/rocketchat-server/

Can you understand my problem?



Please follow the docs.

You need a web accessible host.domain and a reverse proxy for security.

Thank you! It’s work

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@srini17 i wanna know in which file i paste the code …where i should paste it