Limiting Channels to a single Team doesn't make sense

Currently each Channel can only be assigned to a single Team.
This doesn’t make sense to me. What I expected was that I can add someone to a Team and the automatically get joined to a selection of Channels. However I would expect that another team can also share those Channels. This would reduce my admin workload a lot.

Here’s my real world use case.
We have a bakery/cafe business.

I have 4 teams:

  1. Bakery-Team
  2. Cafe-Team
  3. Manager-Team
  4. Admin-and-Finance-Team

Then I have a number of channels:

1. Customer-Support
2. Software-Help
3. Daily-Check-In
4. Equipment
5. Baking-Technical
6. Equipment
… etc.

Some of the clearly map to a single team. For example, Bakery-Team gets the Baking-Technical channel, cool.

However, everyone should have access to the Software-Help Channel (ok, I can make that an open Channel).

Then the Customer-Support Channel. This needs to be shared between Bakery, Cafe, and Manager teams. Admin/Finance don’t need it though. Currently this means I will need to make it private and manually add staff to it as they join. It would be much easier if I can just add it to all three teams, set it to auto-join, and then add each new staff to one Team, giving them access to all the Channels that Team needs.


Thanks for your input, we really appreciate.

As a way to reduce the management workload, one thing you could do is to script your way around it.

By using Rocket.Chat api’s you can create routines to add/remove users on certain channels/teams depending on parameters.

I believe this is the way it is as the teams came after the channels concept, and keeping it simple as a way to achieve the feature without changing too much of the behavior.


+1 For this functionality.

  1. Many teams per channel
  2. Add users to channel when a team is added
  3. Remove users from channel when a team is removed.

Could you (or someone else) give an example of this? I don’t think I’d be able to write such a script myself.