Grouping users in public channels

Hi all, is there a way to group users together in channels? For example: when I add a new public channel I’d like to immediately include all members on my server. Now I have to add them one by one. Is there a quick way to add them all? Thank you.

good question, i’d like to know too. i manually added all our users to a channel then made that channel default so any new users logging in would auto join the channel

Hi all, is this really such a strange feature? How do other organisations work with Rocketchat? Because for us it becomes pretty impossible to work with RC if we have to manually add >60 people to each channel we create. Also even if you want to it manually, there’s no easy way to compare who has access to a channel and who doesn’t.

Could someone please respond to this before I have to start installing Slack? Thank you!

You can do it throu Rocket.Chat API. Use this command: channels.addAll (
curl -H “X-Auth-Token: ‘user_token’” -H “X-User-Id: ‘admin_userID’” -H “Content-type: application/json” http://localhost:3000/api/v1/channels.addAll -d '{ “roomId”: “roomID” }

Hi Alex,
Thanks, it’s cool that there’s a channels.addAll function, but /invite-all-from #room sort of does the same. What I’d prefer is that I can group users, say for example by department. And that they can easily then add departments to channels.

OR, alternatively what would be nice is a simpler way of verifying who is in a room and who is not yet. Currently you have to look for users manually.