Limit rights in dropbox paper app


I installed the dropbox paper app from the marketplace. Works great but I have a few problems:

  • searching for text in documents doesn’t work for me. I used the command /dropbox-paper-search [Search term], but no respons from the bot.
  • I would like to limit access to the document. Me the creator should have edit rights and the other chatbox users should only be able to read. How do I do that? Putting the document in a read only channel is not an option because as soon as a user clicks the link he enters the dropbox environment and has all the rights that I have.

I know this was meant for people to work on a document together, but I am running a public chatbox and would like to work on documents with a couple of moderators and give normal users only read rights.

Hope this can be achieved somehow.



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Hi Stef,

please open an issue in the Apps repository. I don’t think this is a support forum for individual Apps :slight_smile:


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Yes definitely open on the repo. If discussing how to do so this would be the appropriate place.

Ok I will open an issue over there. Thanks.