Legal / Copyright questions regarding white-labeled Rocketchat Apps


We’re building our own Rocket.Chat mobile apps, since we’re out of options because of the Push Notification limitation.

  • Is it okay to keep the name Rocket.Chat in the App Title? (e.g. “Company Name” Rocket.Chat)
  • Is it okay to use an altered version of the RocketChat Logo for the app?
  • Is there any documentation of other legal aspects that we should pay attention to when white-labeling official apps?

Thank you and best regards

OK - why can’t you use any of our paid for plans?

How many users, notifications, costs etc? I’d like to understand a bit more please?

I need to get some legal eyes on this.

The name is probably OK as long as you are not pretending it is you, but you should not change any of he colouring font style etc as they are all part of the brand.

Altering the logo is completely out. That is our brand and cannot be altered.

Documentation - you need to read the licencing really carefully.

Hey John, thanks for the response.

Regarding the paid plan - we didn’t come to acceptable terms with the sales team - we’re a nonprofit and the offer exceeded our total operating budget by an order of magnitude (we’re a small student-organized nonprofit with many semi-active users that mostly lurk on the chat). We’d need an easy and affordable way to purchase 60k+ Push Notifications per month.
We’d also be able to live on the free version with some more admin configurability of push notifications (e.g. disabling it for certain channels or certain users), but alas there has been close to no development on this front since the limit has been implemented.

As for the other points - well understood. We’re going to make sure to change the logo. The MIT license seems permissive enough.