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Is there any way we can alert live chat agent when a visitor visit the site?

Hi! everyone I hope all of you will be in greater health. I was wondering is there any way we can send an alert to the LiveChat agent when a visitor visits the website, without even triggering the chat. I have searched and looked everywhere I could but found nothing please if anyone has any suggestions contact me asap.
Thanks in advance.

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: Docker official 18.3 tag
  • Operating System: Ubuntu server 20.04

You probably could mangle something, or send to a channel, but your agent is going to get avalanches of notifications for bots and spammers.

So this may not be the greatest idea!!

I know about this problem but still it is a requirement. So is there a way?

You’ll have to get creative and probably code something via the APIs.

I’m not sure your agents will thank you for it!

Infact sales agent are demanding this feature as they want to proactively engage with website visitors before they leave the site.

And is it doable with APIs alone or do I need to develop an app?

As I said previously you will have to work something out yourself. No one is going to do it for you. At least not for free.

This is really a function of your normal website - and is really outside the scope of what Rocket/Livechat does currently.

If you have a technical question on your implementation then please ask and you may get some help, but this requirement is something custom to you that you need to scope out and build.