iOS and Android Apps SSO Login Problem

I have just set up RocketChat, and after many hurdles I have it working successfully in browsers and in the Desktop client (which is, of course, just a browser). However, I have an issue with SSO and the iOS and Android apps.
I can launch the apps, connect just fine, and when I click the SSO page it brings up my ADFS sign in page, I authenticate, and it displays the start page of RocketChat for a few seconds. Then, that page closes, and I’m not signed in anymore.

I have RocketChat 3.0.12 running on CentOS 8, with Node 12 and nginx as my reverse proxy. The only unusual part of this is that outside my local network, traffic is handled by a pass-through proxy in our DMZ (no direct connections to the internal network permitted). I have confirmed that this is causing the issue with SSO, but I’m not sure how to address it. Once I have a SAML token, the app works fine.

Any suggestions? Configuration changes I could make, or is this an issue with the apps themselves?

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Did you ever determine what was causing this issue with your server? Seeing a similar issue affecting all Android and iOS apps. Signing in brings up the SSO webview and you can login to the site/chat there and use the site via the built-in browser but closing the app or going back just goes back to the initial login screen.

I had 2FA enabled. Turn the 2FA on Desktop off, restart the App on Android and it should work.
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