iOS 3.1.1 released


Dear Rocket.Chat community,

Today we’re shipping iOS 3.1.1 to the App Store!


This update introduces some exciting new features, a new language and many fixes and improvements. Check the highlights below:

  • Handle system/bots/private messages (messages that are temporary and only for you);
  • Remove the defaults to on connect screen;
  • Fixed a bug on uploading images with some specific size limitation on the settings;
  • Fixed a problem with long channel names on the title view of the chat;
  • Fixed a crash that rarely happened when tapping a invalid cell;
  • Fixed a bug on clearing user’s roles after going to the Members screen;
  • Fixed a couple of random crashes during server changes;
  • Fixed a couple of bugs on signup process;


Thank you all for helping us on this release! :tada:

More information

You can see more information about the release here.

Also, you can download the app here.

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