iOS 3.3 released

Dear Rocket.Chat community,

Today we’re shipping iOS 3.3 to the App Store!


This update introduces some exciting new features, a new language and many fixes and improvements. Check the highlights below:

  • Jitsi Video Conference support;
  • Support announcements;
  • Removed @ on mentions;
  • Much better layout for mentions highlights;
  • Loading messages indicator;
  • Markdown support on “reply/quote” banner;
  • Support to “Copy permalink” of any message;
  • Fixed a bug on sharing screenshots to Rocket.Chat;
  • Huge optimization on resizing images;
  • Improved font-size for Dynamic Typing;


Thank you all for helping us on this release! :tada:

More information

You can see more information about the release here.

Also, you can download the app here.

:star: Please, if you enjoyed the update, leave us a positive review in App Store!