Inverted mouse scrolling in Android app (Using Samsung Dex)

Hi. New user just providing some feedback.

For some reason, the android app has scrolling inverted when using a mouse. (Using Samsung Dex - Scrolling up goes down and vice versa) Can take some getting used to and probably offputting for a lot of new users. Could not find anything in the way of settings or options to change this.

Could the devs please consider changing the default scrolling direction back to normal, or provide an option to invert scrolling?

Other than this little issue, like what I see so far. Thank you.


Welcome to our forums!!

Glad you are using and liking rocket.Chat :slight_smile:

We appreciate your feedback. For improvements or reporting issues, please, consider opening a issue report at GitHub - RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.ReactNative: Rocket.Chat mobile clients