Android Rocket.Chat sluggish after update

I’m on Android 12 and the latest Rocket.Chat update makes the app run very slowly at what could be as low as 10FPS on my phone, whereas before it ran smoothly. Is this a known bug? My phone is a Samsung Note 9 which is very quick.


A lot of our users are also seeing this. “Very slowly” is an understatement! It’s unusable!

What phone do you have? I only have one to test this on and it’s still extremely laggy.

Google 6Pro here ,app is lagging to the point it closes itself, scrolling in 5-10 Fps and if trying to type something will freeze the phone and have to force a restart.
Device Google 6 Pro
Os Android 13 security update September
App Version: last available from playstore
This is the only app who displays this behavior.

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My colleague also has a Pixel 6 Pro.
App version 4.30.0. (normal updating schedule all turned on)

Same here on Google pixel 6 pro.
Both normal and experimental app are unusable!
Heeelp !

Having this problem as well, only with the newer version of the client. I’m on Pixel 5. Scrolling lags like crazy, so does typing, once you change channel it speeds up a bit but then keeps popping up to wait/kill the app since it’s not responding. (even though it starts responding once you change channels)