Android App view is different from Website view

Hi there,

the last weeks we set up our customized Rocket.Chat (Version 0.65.1), were we changed some templates e.g. removing the logout from the popup menu and move it to a custom header.

In the RocketChat Legacy App we see the applied styles, since it just shows the mobil view that you would see by opening the chat in the Browser, too.

Now when we open the Chat with new Android App, the styles aren’t applied - or only a few? The Logout button returned to its old position and our header is gone…

Is it possible to use the mobile browser view with the new App?
Are there any templates that can be modified for the mobil view?

The new native apps are 100% native. Unlike the Legacy app they have been designed from the ground up for speed and performance.

There will be some options for customization, but performance will always come first.

I don’t think the webview will ever directly be part of it.

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Thanks for the quick reply.