Installing on a Hostgator Server

Hello good day.

I would check with you, if you can help me better understand how I can use this system.

I have a dedicated server in the Hostgator company.

It is with the CentOS 6 version.
E Has SYS-SNAP enabled.

On this server I use several other sites in Wordpress.
The server has CPanel / WHM installed.

How can I install on this server?
I would like to install and adjust to a my domain with port 80, so it is not necessary to insert the port on the link


Can you help me ?

Why not get a seperate VPS for this? You can have a VPS for as low as 3 euro’s nowaydays. I have installed the snap version of RC on Debian 9 and I am also running on port 80.

I would always use a seperate VPS because you don’t want your websites to go offline if you have to reboot your chatserver.