Installing on VPS using SNAP via SSH, alongside existing Nginx Website


I’m really excited to get this running for my community ( , but I’m a bit stuck with the following. I’m running a VPS already, with WordPress using NGinx and Mariadb. I want to install on the same vps. I am using CloudFlare and have TLS enabled.

With this information in mind, can anyone advise me ?

I’ve tried installing it using Snap, but when I try to access it using port it times out.

Many thanks.


If is pointing to cloudflare servers then you would have to actually use http://underlyingip:3000

When you went to make live you would do something like:

  1. On that server set nginx up your desired domain like: to point to localhost:3000 see our documentation for guides on doing this.
  2. Set up cloudflare to point at the server
  3. Profit


Thank you for the reply. I’m looking forward to using this instead of Discord.

Thank you again .