Install Free Apps, air-gapped without Enterprise account


I am trying to download and install the polls app for rocketchat. In addition, I would like to install the free apps for jenkins, bitbucket and jira integration. I must do this without connecting my production server to the cloud or registering it.

Server Setup Information

  • Rocket.Chat Version: 3.4.2
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04
  • Deployment Method: Docker
    Number of Running Instances: 1
  • NodeJS Version: 12.16.1 - x64
  • MongoDB Version: 4.0.19
  • Proxy: nginx
  • Firewalls involved: air-gapped

Any additional Information

I have tried the following to install polls air-gapped:

Install rocket chat on secondary server outside the DMZ, connect to cloud, download apps, then disconnect from internet. Then, migrated inside the DMZ. The app now works on my secondary server, inside my DMZ. Then I used rsync to copy all my data files from my production server to my data directory on the new server, do a mongo dump and import the dump file into my new server’s DB. Rocketchat launches in the webbrowser, all my data is there, everything is great, EXCEPT none of my apps work now.

Looking the the logs:

Unloaded the apps framework.
Loaded a total of 12 apps!
Error: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN
at Getaddrinforeqwrap.onlookup

The apps do not work once I’ve imported real data and I don’t understand why.

Here’s the error