Incoming message to webhook api for rocket chat and outgoing trough php

Hi everyone.

Im getting messages from php. I get to:username from:clientname subject and message.

I would like to send it to rocket chat to user:instant_reply subject: username.clientname.timestamp and the message.

Also to have another message sent to from: clientname and to: username subject: inquiry and then the message.

I need one action for reply and one action for history chat.

In the rocket chat. If theres a reply for user instant_reply I need to send via php a post or reply to http://serverip/reply.php?u=instant_reply&s=username.clientname.timestamp&m=message

And I will send back the reply to rocket chat from: client to: username subject: inquiry message. for the chat history

So every message I get, one will be timestamp and the other one just for the chat history.

So its one PHP API to rocketchat send message with a subject of username.clientname.timestamp
Another PHP API to send the same message to rocketchat with To: username from: clientname subject: inquiry and message
and outgoing message from rocketchat to be send from instant_reply to php with the usename instantreply and have a subject username.clientnametimestamp and the message.

I think its webhook mixed with rockets API. Let me know if you are up for this.

Thank you.

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