How to use i18n in apps


I made an autoreply app for Currently the text output is in German, but I like to use i18n for localization. Because of the slash command I have already a de.i18n.json file, but I don’t know how to access additional entries from within the .app file.

Can someone help me with that problem?

thanks in advance

Unfortunately, at the moment you cannot use i18n in App’s source.
I have my own implementation for i18n, maybe these guide help:

  • Put all localization strings into ts file
  • Create your own localizer
  • Read the server setting to decide which language you should use
import { LocalizationKey, transferResource } from "../constants/resources";
import { LOCALIZATION_ARGS_REGEX } from "../constants/regex";

export type Localizer = (label: LocalizationKey, args?: Record<string, string>) => string;

export const getLocalizer = (language = "en"): Localizer => {
	const localizationResource = transferResource[language] || transferResource.en;
	return (label: LocalizationKey, args?: Record<string, string>) => {
		return localizationResource[label].replace(LOCALIZATION_ARGS_REGEX, (match, p1) => args?.[p1] || "");

here is my implementation for the localizer

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These are the issues that u can track

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sorry, this is not helping me because I don’t see how you check which language is selected.

getLocalizer method is an curried function. which accept the language param and produce the localizer

const localizer = getLocalizer(language);

language depends on your usage.
with me, I set it to server language:

const language = await read.getEnvironmentReader().getServerSettings().getValueById("Language");
await read.getEnvironmentReader().getServerSettings().getValueById("Language");

is always empty. Seems “Language” is not set.

ok, if the language is set to default, then it’s empty, otherwise I get an result.

Do you know how to get the users language?

I tried it with:

await read.getUserReader().getById(context.getSender().id);

But there is no language value.

thats bc u set language to default.

to can fallback to en in the get language statement