Slash Command description - UUID

Hey there !

In my slash command i set public properties: i18nDescription and i18nParamsExample properly.

but the app uuid still appears in beggining of description and params example.

Do i have to setup anything else ? I really dont want to see the uuid in description.

I have the same problem and would be interested in a solution to remove it.

Let me know if you made some progress to solve this issue .

I saw in App Development 2: Managing Data in exactly: 8:55 the same problem and seems to be solved just by press F5 or refreshing the screen client.
I tried the same but does not worked. I tried to clean cache, Cookies Local/Session store either but the uuid it still there.

I have the feeling the problem is that we are uploading the app in development mode and don’t install it from the market.

But I couldn’t give our app to the market, because it’s a special app made for our client to use text blocks.

That is the i18n for your app. If you provide the i18n for those strings, it probably is a client cache issue. For example, here is providing the i18n string and then here is defining the i18n string.

Those strings don’t matter for the custom apps or not. The marketplace only provides a way for people to distribute their apps publically, doesn’t have any effect on custom apps uploaded to an instance.

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thanks for your help. I wrote my text directly into this variables instead of using an i18n file.
Now everything is fine. :+1:

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Perfect, glad to hear! :clap:

Thanks bradley !

The same situation as frank describes and now its solved :+1:

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