How to separate members in groups, but all knows each others?

HI, how can i separate members in a Team? i want to separate by sector in my enterprise, but don’t with teams, because teams needs all the member in the channel to see each member


Where all the users know who participates the Channel A and the Channel B, like a group divider in sectors, where all the users knows each others groups and members

Hi, why you don’t use the description of the channel to have the channels with the respective persons in each channel?

I need all users knows where are each other, i want just separate de sectors, but if an user want to sen message to other, they can search in the sector and select the user

Ok, try to create a channel and create a message with the name of the sector then on that message, got to the 3 dots and choose “reply in threath” and tag the persons in each sector, like “@JohnAdams”, when you click on the name you can direct message the person.

If you know about programming you can do it automatically.

Hope it helps :))

This works, but for other users isn’t effective, there is another simple way to separate members in sectors where everyone can see each other?

One option is to create roles for each “sector”. This will be shown right after a user nickname on all channels and messages.

Another option: you can create a custom user field, and define it to be used on search. You can set those options in ADMIN > Account

Also, you can add those information at the home page of Rocket.Chat, with a link to the direct message. I have done this in one instance, and it works great.

How to query the roles? and to be showed Roles(setores) on side menu, or anywhere to be more easily to users see this?

Hi! You can add the roles to to the fields to be searched:

Fields to Consider in Search: username,name,roles

Then, you can search for the roles in the user directory