RocketChat trainings or workshops


I have looked a bit around for RocketChat trainings, workshops or the like for me and possibly one or two of my employees. The only thing I could find is this one: Running Your Own Chat Server with Rocket.Chat Training Course . Although, judging from their description I suspect that their traning may be doable (though maybe challenging) for me, but far too techical for the others.

We are now learning RocketChat by trying things and checking the docs. If we let aside some initial struggles, it has actually been going quite well. So I think that now or in the near future it would be a good moment to follow a training, if there is any to find.


We are LITERALLY in the process of developing training material.

Our new Training and Certification Specialist joined us 3 weeks ago and is ramping up, but has a huge backlog to tackle!

I will see if we can create a community channel on that so you can discuss ideas with them.

I’ll post back tomorrow.