Help, newbie here, where do I start


Hi, I am supposed to install RocketChat into a forum and provide integration by,
the user logs into the forum and automatically logs into RocketChat,

I found this example
and it seems to be what I’m looking for.
I am able to install RocketChat at leas on a virtual machine, with Ubuntu and select to install RocketChat, but I’m not savvy at coding,

I don’t know where to start, I see that the most of the code must be done on RocketServer side, but I’m failing to find the folder, do I have to install something, the repository, anything else, in which folder do I found the codes? do I have to create a new file?

I’m sorry to be this newbie, I don’t know what to do but I’m willing to learn, please, could someone point me out in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

No, the blog post that you’ve mentioned doesn’t describe any code run on the Rocket.Chat side. All the configuration of Rocket.Chat is done through the configuration menu. You access the Rocket.Chat from your forum server through an API.

From the questions you’ve asked it seems that the task is beyond you current skills. It’s not a matter of “creating new file”.

I would suggest the following:

  • first, try to run a standalone Rocket.Chat server. Read the documentation, read the logs, get a hang of it,
  • then try to integrate Rocket.Chat with other services through one of the supported methods of common authetication, described here in the manual:
  • only then try to integrate it through the API, as described on the blog.

Thanks grzebo

Oh! I’m soo lost :frowning:
I understand that the code it has to be done on RocketChat server side, as this was stated by one person I contacted in RocketChat… But I’ll ask again.
And then, I’m taking note of what you’re saying, the configuration through an API.

Well, I’m reading the documentation, I started again, with the
start over again in a new Linux server, clean, get a clone of GitHub and just in the step 5, the instruction meteor npm start it gives me a

Unexpected mongo exit code null. Restarting

And it does not finish…I followed the guide, trying to get involved, to walk the walk, but this is a failure. Please, could someone advice, what I did wrong? what can I do to have a full capable environment ?
Thanks in advance.