How to clear session on livechat after attendance

When I go into a new service, I’m already directed to the conversation screen, because I was previously included. My desire is to disable the session, so that the next time the user accesses LIVECHAT the pre-registration form is shown and a new token is generated.

Can you help me?

Did you solve this? I’d like to know the same thing.

Hey John!!

I decided!

You can implement in the file livechat.js, in the part where the chat is closed, the line:
localStorage.clear ();

This command clears what is in the browser memory, which is the chat information and the token.

If you have any further questions, I can help you.

Is this in the closeWidget function?

John, is this in the “click .end-chat”:function.

you need to put the command inside the function .then(function (t){.

see if you can see the image I submitted above.

Awesome! Thank you! :grin:

I’m using snap, where is livechat.js?

I want to do the same thing but I can’t find this livechat.js or the codes shown above. Is this solution is too old already and no longer usable? Thank you.

Any update on this matter? Solution proposed doesn’t work as of Jan 2020