Help understanding push notifications


I am trying to understand push notifications. The docs (including admin and user guides) jump right into the “how to”. This is fine for setup and configuration purposes but I would like to understand what “push notifications” are. I think there should be an introduction and explanation as to what they are and how they work. Here are the questions I have. Any help would be appreciated.

  1. What are push notifications?
    What is being sent and why do I need it?

  2. How often are they sent?
    On my server, some days are very low, some are much higher. Why?

  3. What control does an admin or user have over them?
    Is it possible for a user and/or admin to alter or regulate how often they are sent?

  4. Are there privacy or security concerns?


When your users connect with mobile device to your workspace and are in a channel and are alerted. Either via preference to get all messages or they are mentioned. But they aren’t connected currently and viewing. At that point if they have connected with mobile device they would receive a push notification to their phone so they would see it there.

They are sent on demand based on user actions

You can disable, set default push behavior etc

If going via our gateway you can see our privacy policy. But content isn’t stored at any point in the process. If you want to go step further though you can turn off sending message content.

On the enterprise there is also an option to send I think they call it “private” notifications. Basically it sends an ID and the mobile app generates the notification. So only your server and the end user app ever see the contents.

Then of course if you have E2E Encryption on. It does almost the same thing as above and would decrypt on the users device and show the notification.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:
I think this information would be a good “Introduction” section for the docs.

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