Push disabling for specific groups / channels


Is it possible to globally disable / force disable push notifications?

For example, I would like to disable push notifications for specific rooms / specific users. Or, globally disable all channels with some exceptions.

Is there such a possibility?
Ideally, this could also be done from the linux console.

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Has anything changed since the last time? As a server administrator, can I have more control over the push consumption of specific channels?

Some time ago, I only set all users mobile notifications when calling with @.

Unfortunately, even for me, notifications come all the time without calling.

Does the mobile application ignore the settings in the user panel and changes will be taken into account only when each user sets notifications in the application?

Has anything changed since the last time and has the administrator been able to control the push flow?

Same issue here.
Would be very useful to have a the possibility to disable Push Notificiation from Rooms/Channels.
Users complain it’s annoying.
Plus, this would save a bunch of notifications in the Push Gateway.