Having issues testing out the whatsapp sandbox

Hello everyone, I am very new to rocketchat, setting it up for the first time. I was able to successfully deploy the app. I have been trying to test out the whatsapp integration with the whatsapp sandbox but the problem is after I send the message to get the API KEY and I update it in the settings of the whatsapp sandbox app I install, messages I send from the number I got the API key from do not reflect on rocketchat.

I believe I followed the documentation - WhatsApp Sandbox - Rocket.Chat Docs

I really dont know where I am getting it wrong, kindly assist


A bit hard to tell without some sort of extra information. Did you not receive any of the incoming messages? You can check on Omnichannel settings => Current chats to see if maybe the room is there but was not assigned or assigned to someone else.

2nd question is: Do you have any available agent at the time the messages are being received? If not, then that’s the reason. You can accept conversations with no agents online with the setting in Workspace => Settings => Omnichannel => Accept with no online agents

lmk so we can help you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response, Kevin.

  1. I did not receive any incoming messages on the omnichannel, however when I check the logs of the whatsapp sandbox app, I can see the incoming messages from the phone number I am testing with there. I also followed your suggestion and checked if there were any current chats but there are none.

  2. Yes there was an available agent at the time the message was sent. I also updated the settting to accespt with no online agents, and I still dont have the incoming messages displayed as current chats.

Just to clarify, when I am testing out the sandbox the only thing I update in the settings is the API Key as instructed, I created users and gave them agent and manager roles to be able to take up chats, not sure if there is any step I missed

Thanks! Quick note to also hide the metadata key & the wa_id props on your image :grimacing:

Just to clarify, the role for taking chats is livechat-agent. Managers can also take chats, but that’s a manual action. Server will only try to route chats to agents with livechat-agent role that are also online.

Since you’re able to get the message on the app, that means something is failing inside. Is there any other log you can share? App logs are on the 3 dots menu => Installed => WhatsApp Sandbox => Logs tab