Getting Error while connecting Dialogflow cx to gold account

Hello @dudanogueira and others,
ok, so I have connected Dialogflow es chatbot to and it is working fine but when I try to connect Dialogflow cx agent using the service account credentials it is giving me an error like this "IAM permission ‘dialogflow.sessions.detectIntent’ on ‘projects/xxxxxxxxxxx/agent’ denied.“PERMISSION_DENIED” so is it possible to connect dialogflow cx bot to

and also right now I am using
Project Id which is at the last of the URL in the dialogflow app(key has all the permissions(dialogflow admin and client))

maybe I think I am not using project ID correctly, dialogflow es has seperate project ID for each agent but about dialogflow cx there is one project id and multiple agents in the projects

Note - dialogflow es is working fine with

Hey, @jayesh.desai

Did you follow this doc to configure? It shows the bot configuration and permissions needed:

It might help you. :slight_smile: