Getting Error while installing the Apps.Dialogflow project

Hello all ,
I am trying to implement the project
I have followed these steps - GitHub - RocketChat/Apps.Dialogflow: Integration between Rocket.Chat and the Dialogflow Chatbot platform
my node version is - v12.16.1
but I am getting this error how can I solve this?

Hi and welcome to our forums!

Those steps are to install it directly from source. Unless you want to develop the App or are in an air gaped / no Internet scenario (probably not the case, as Dialog flow requires Internet), you should install it from our Marketplace.

First, register your workspace, in order to gain access to our marketplace, then just install it.

If you still wants to install it from source, I have seen errors like this when node versions are different from the expected ones.

More info on how to deploy apps from cli:

Hello @dudanogueira
Thanks for your reply,
ok I have a gold version of and already made a set up where I have connected it via the marketplace and added information like Dialogflow client id and stuff which are required now I am finding a way to test it according to the GitHub I can test locally - Dialogflow and Rocket.Chat Integration - YouTube

as mentioned in the video with the chatbox

is there any other way I can test the connected chatbot?

You can use the builtin livechat widget for that:

As soon as the bot is assigned to that chat, it will start - hopefully - talking.

There is an option that will help you on that, under
ADMIN > Omnichannel > Routing > Assign new conversations to bot agent

You will probably also want to enable Accept with No Online Agents

Thanks for the reply @dudanogueira still looks like it is not working
my logs image is

@dudanogueira thanks for you help after some try I have successfully connected the Dialogflow chatbot to /livechat

Now I have one additional question

can I now connect to telegram and use Dialogflow chatbot’s functionality?

  • so I have added the telegram app from the marketplace right now and connected successfully, but it seems like Dialogflow chatbot(app.dialogflow from marketplace) is not working with the telegram connection?


It should work. Dialogflow will not differentiate if a chat is coming from livechat, or telegram, instagram, whatsapp, etc.

Are you able to see telegram chat’s incoming and creating a chat under Omnichannel > Current Chats?

Have you assigned the bot to that chat? Note that telegram requires https/SSL at Rocket.Chat in order to dispatch their payloads.

Hi! @dudanogueira
I am not able to see telegram chat under omnichannel

oh, I have to assign a bot to the chat? how?

“Note that telegram requires https/SSL at Rocket.Chat in order to dispatch their payloads.”

reply - I need to change any setting for this?

here is the image of my setting -


Note - I can see "welcome message"which I have defined in the telegram(from marketplace) in my telegram app on mobile

I appreciate your answers, thank you so much!

Whenever a new incoming telegram message, it should appear at the Omnichannel Current Chats, at the department you have configured. At this department, the bot should be there as an agent, and it will be assigned to the bot, if that option I mentioned is turned on.

As you are using our Gold Saas offering, you should already have https. Our forums here is for community support for on a best effort basis. You can leverage our support team, if you want.

You will find more logs going into the Telegram App (Admin > Apps > Installed apps), and at the dots on top right of the App, click on view logs.

Hello @dudanogueira
I have tried to follow all the steps you mentioned and also looked at this Integration telegram and LiveChat (Omnichannel RocketChat) not working · Issue #20241 · RocketChat/Rocket.Chat · GitHub

but I am failing to get messages under omnichannel from telegram
and also I am not getting any welcome message to my telegram bot

logs from app.telegram (from the marketplace) and
my dashboard image and some additional image/logs/settings

I have added all the screenshots in above link

One more thing I would like to add, Is under omnichannel contact center list I see my telegram name and somehow my phone number is wrong.

Note - Dialogflow chatbot/omnichannel is working fine with LiveChat

Looking forward to your reply!!

Hello @dudanogueira It is working now!!! thank you so much but I noticed one bug as I mentioned in the above message

“One more thing I would like to add, Is under the omnichannel contact center list I see my telegram name and somehow my phone number is wrong.”

my phone number was wrong but when I clicked on edit and re entered my phone number it started working, now I can chat and also dialogflow bot is working with telegram

so do you know how “the omnichannel contact center list” got the wrong number at the first time I started chatbot from telegram?

Edit #1 - I tried with another telegram account it worked fine!

Hi! This information probably came from telegram.

Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

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