Full Screen Video function not working in Windows Client version 2.15.3


<Version 2.15.3 of Rocket Chat Client Full Screen button not working within video chat. The function works fine when using the browser version within either Chrome or Firefox.

Tried installing a previous client 2.14.7 which the function works fine for video chat. However screen sharing doesn’t seem to work within this client.

Is there any fix for this available or recomended client version?

You omitted the server setup. So I don’t know what version of Rocket.Chat server you have. But it could be a Rocket.Chat side issue. You might need to update the server.

Does this work in the web browser? If so then might actually be a bug you need to open on the repo.

If it doesn’t work even on the web. Then might be a Rocket.Chat its self thing.

Hi Aaron,

I’ll have a look at the server version in the morning!

We have done some further testing it’s just an issue when using the Windows version 2.15.3 client. It is now working fine with the 2.14.7 client and also all functionality is working fine in browsers so don’t think it’s a server issue. Was really wondering if anyone else had experienced the issue or if there was a fix.

The server is ubuntu and was installed in the last 4 weeks using snaps if that helps.



Yeah if specific to client or client version sounds like a desktop client bug.

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Same here with official Linux client 2.15.3, on the web interface, video shows without problem.
I noticed, but, the “player” is not the same on the Electron Client and on the web browser (Firefox)
This is the non-fullscreen player on the electron linux client

See the controls? On the first one, the full screen icon doesn’t do its function, and the three dots menu let download the video. On the second one, the maximize icon works, but there is no option to download the video.
That makes sense as the player on the first one is the embedded player on the electron client while the second player is Firefox’s embedded video player.

I finally installed chromium, which its player has the very same appareance as the RC Electron client, with the only difference when you hover the cursor over the controls, a shadow appears, but full screen works just fine.

So, I’m afraid it’s a RC desktop problem.

PS: Videos are MP4
PS2: Forum doesn’t allow me to upload more than one image, so I had to remove the chromiun one, just imagine the shadow when overing the cursor or try it on chrome, I guess it will behave like in chromium

Fullscreen to video and pictures don’t work yet.
RocketChat Desktop 2.15.5 (for Linux, via snap).
RocketChat Server 1.1.3

Interestingly, as already noticed above, it works normally on Firefox and Chrome.