Error when verifying the version of your server

Android Version: 5.0.1
Kernel: 3.10.61

Trying to configure my server URL (https) i get “error when verifying the version of your server”.

Iv tested it on Android 7.0 and worked perfectly. Also on iOS.

Version 0.64.1

Any Clue ?

Hi @cristiandley,

Your issue is probably related to the SSL certificate… can you tell us your server URL so we can help you checking it?

Thanks (and really sorry for the delay),

Same same.

Server: with official domain wildcard cert (accepted on browsers).
Server 0.69.1,
Androids 8.1 and as well tried with 6.0
Tested with standard, beta and experimental client.

Thanks for your help,

I cannot access this URL anymore… I’m sorry for the delay! Did you change it?

Negative, it is still running, I just rebooted it.

But then, we postponed the messanger project, none of the candidates really made us feel comfy.
I was just wondering if we were the only on prem install with that issue…

Can’t connect to the URL. Firewall?