Android 7.x users can't use new app


Recently, our company updated its on-prem Rocket Chat installation to version 0.64.1. Users were instructed to download and install the latest version of the Rocket Chat app (version 2.2.0) for Android and iOS. However, upon doing so and entering the URL, the message “An error has occurred while checking your server version, please try again” is pushed for mobile users with Android 7.x. Using the experimental app yields the message “[chat server URL] is not a valid Rocket Chat instance.” This does not appear to be an issue with Android 8.x users.

Is this a bug that is currently being worked on, or is there something that we can do to resolve this? This is a major issue, as many users in our company operate on Android 7.x.

What app did you come from? To be clear you are downloading and installing this app: correct?

Same app works on Android 8.x but not 7.x?

Closing this one, just replied the same issue on GitHub: