Error uploading image. Try again. IOS

Some photos do not want to be uploaded to the chat on my iPhone. I have my own server, everything works in a desktop application. Also, everything works on Tell me what could be the problem?

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Do you have your site url set to the exact url which you access it at?

What file store do you have selected for file uploads?

What guide did you use to setup your server?

I usually have this issue with videos more so than images, as do lots of people I know. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of fix or trick I can pin it down on, but what usually does it for me is I close down all of my open apps, then restart my phone, then try again fresh. That usually does the trick for me. Pain in the ass though.

I am facing the same issue here. Everything worked in browser. With mobile (ios) I can upload a pic smaller than 2mb, anything bigger than that, will have error instantly after click upload.

General setting Site URL is matching with ‘docker-compose.yml’

File system is s3

Installation was using as guide because of Ubuntu LTS (18.04)


Fixed the issue by updating Nginx config.

in ‘server’ block, add client_max_body_size 10M; you can change the max size accordingly

Pain in the ass though.