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Error-invalid-user or error-invalid-room

Hi, it’s been a while I’m facing this issue and I have not found any solution for that. I am using Rocketchat inside an IFarme, and the problem I’m having is that every time a user wants to create a new direct message with another user, I get [error-invalid-user] and [error-invalid-room], if the user refreshes the page it will be ok. I have found some issues related to this one in GitHub but there were no answers for it. How can I prevent this error? I will appreciate any help!


I have seen this error in earlier versions (4.0.0) but was not able to reproduce that in latest 4.2 version.

The problem was only happening when creating the message from a #channel, instead of from directory or search.

After the problem (giving red alerts about invalid user) the room was still created (Admin > Rooms). This only happened the first time.

What version and deployment method are you using?