Invalid Post As User when saving incoming Webhook

I had no problems in the past with webhooks, but somehow i have an issue where i dont know if i missed something:
I want to create a user for a service alerts for the AWX server.
I created the:
activated the
logged in as the user
added the user in the channel as owner and leader
created the incomming webhook with the new channel and choose the new user and get this error:
Screenshot 2024-06-04 142900
The Log does not thow anything related to this.
The Client is 4.0 Windows and the server is 6.7.0 ubuntu.

root@chat:~# sudo journalctl -u snap.rocketchat-server.rocketchat-server -f
Jun 04 14:24:13 chat rocketchat-server.rocketchat-server[103231]: {"level":40,"time":"2024-06-04T12:24:13.756Z","pid":103231,"hostname":"chat","name":"DeprecationWarning","section":"API","msg":"The parameter \"query\" in the endpoint \"/api/v1/settings.public\" is deprecated and will be removed on version 7.0.0"}

Im grateful for any hints!

Thank you in advance!


Can you please provide the server info as per this?

Next is… update if possible.

Simple reason is that the code changes fast, bugs are fixed frequently, and there is every chance that an update fixes your issue.

You should be on at least 6.7.3 unless you use say snaps.

6.8.0 or 6.9.0 are both out.


I think you have to be quite precise with the user name.

See the detection here

		const user = await Users.findOne({ username: currentIntegration.username });

		if (!user?._id) {
			throw new Meteor.Error('error-invalid-post-as-user', 'Invalid Post As User', {
				method: 'updateIncomingIntegration',

IIRC if you changed something with the name or in the webhook it throws this sort of error.

ie the webhook gets saved with nameX and you modify the name to nameY, and it doesn’t get changed in the webhook when you update it.

eg this old link

Also make sure the user has the correct permissions admin/permissions (there are a lot to sift through)

Hello- Thank you!
we use the free version with snap and have around 200 user online and its a vm via xen with ubuntu server 22.04
my user is admin and i tried my user too.

I think it took just some time to get the new Channel and user in the system now i can create the webhook with the right settings - thank you for your input!

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Great news - glad you are back and working!!

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