Enforcing Registration Requirement to Utilize Push Gateway

I agree with @reetp 1,000 limitation is pretty low.

I’m with 15 user on our self server deployment. Using simple math, per user can only use 2 push notification per day. That’s really low.

It’s so much better if you can have a plan to selling push notification server instead pe user.

I seriously hope that funds secured by this move will be used to increase resources allocated to Electron desktop client development. It has been stalled for very long time with a year long backlog of unsolved issues. I think currently @tasso.evangelista is only person working on it and last 3 months have been nearly dead silent.
Rocket.Chat aimed to be enterprise friendly. Electron client at it’s current state is anything but. We are willing to pay for cloud, but expect more focus on desktop client.

We have the same problem

Well that’s sad, i was hoping i stay out of reach for your tentacles

1000 push messages per month? We are a group of scientists working on a large experiment and have about 200 users. Are there any plans to support non-profit scientific working groups? We switched from Slack to Rocket.Chat a few years ago due to their limitations, they had no free plans whatsoever and now Rocket.Chat is jumping on that boat?


This should now be fixed. It was linking to https://cloud.rocket.chat though.

Try a password reset. It’s possible if you used it for a cloud trial or something an account already exists.

If still nothing shoot a message over to support with that email and they can help look into it for you

It will correct it’s self on next sync. If you want to fix it now can hit sync in connectivity services.

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This section should definitely be present. It was added in for 1.0. When you goto admin what sections do you have on the left in the top section?

Ok so every notification since the beginning of time were sent to gateway.rocket.chat, which is hosted by amazon… nice to know that my privately hosted instance is using an external service!

Didn’t you think that this “detail” should be clearly shown during installation???

Also how on earth did you design this horror? We already have a server on the web, why isn’t the push coming from the server itself? I don’t believe that there is no possible technical solution that would just use the actual server where the messages are coming from!

So you did select a solution with a central point that is hosted by you, of course that is easier to make this billable in the future.


Please correct me, if I’m wrong: after 1000 messages per month, we were forced to buy a subscription for at least $30/year per user? Even if we have 200 Users, and only one is sending 1001 messages?

I can understand your motivation for generating revenue, but please separate the push-notification pricing from the users, e.g. 10000 messages for $5.

The alternative is to create an own iOS/Android App connected to a different notification endpoint, served by a gateway which offers this pricing model.

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Here’s a screenshot of the top part of my admin menu

Scroll up above the search box. There should be sections like users, rooms, permissions. Maybe called Cloud Connect or something in that initial version

@aaron.ogle What information is transferred between our self-hosted instance of rocketchat and your services when I register? I read the privacy statement but a lot of things are mixed together there.
We are using the push gateway already and of course I understand this already leaves a data trail.
What I am specifically asking about is: What changes when I register and connect our instance with your cloud? What additional data is transferred?


From the OSS side I 100% do work along side the frontend / backend teams. In that regards i’m a community contributor working on the main code base because I love the project. Not because i’m paid to work on that part. From product roadmap standpoint my visibility is actually more to the cloud and our services.

Your ‘visibility’? You mean the bit you get paid for by Rocket? Come on - speak plain English and cut the corporate speak, especially for the many here for who English is a second or even third language.

This is just treating some intelligent people like they are 7 types of stupid. And you know that.

If you don’t know, then perhaps you should get someone who DOES know to spell it out. Or are they just to darn scared?

Your 1000 per day limit will catch almost everyone, unless they specifically have notifications off.

From a Cloud standpoint the data isn’t surfaced because registration had to happen before we can roll that feature out.

Complete and utter nonsense, and you know that.

We have no way of telling what our usage is because you haven’t provided the tools. How about you ‘surface’ some of that data for the admins on their systems?

Rocket sends the notifications - it isn’t like some magician or secret notification code pixie does it. It must have at least some vague idea of how many get pushed? Rocket must ALSO know how many get read too, so it knows how many were basically received (assuming the system actually works properly). Now, I understand that some awkward gits like me login in from 2 desktops and 2 mobiles most of the time so it doesn’t make it easy, but if I know the basic stats I can work that out.

I notice that you completely swerve that issue.

So quite clearly this is a push by the venture capitalists to force almost all users to a) have an account and b) charge them

Now, that’s fine. But please don’t treat users like cows to be milked which is what you ARE doing.

You expect people to pay, but we can’t get ANY idea of usage because you don’t provide the tools or feedback.

I have absolutely no idea of my usage, nor how to reduce it if I want too.

The notification systems is STILL a complete mangled mess, unreliable, and doesn’t work properly a lot of the time, not helped by the apps being flakey - I’ll suddenly get 6 notifications of something I read on the desktop 5 minutes ago. Great - so that’s going to cost me then, isn’t it?

Please. Get this fixed properly, get some tools so we can monitor what is happening (as has been asked before), and start doing this professionally instead of like a bunch of venture capitalists suddenly deciding in a crisis that they want some money back. Which is exactly what it looks like right now.


And who the SWEARS LOUDLY gave you permission to do this on my server which is not even registered? And at the same time you claim that you can’t tell about notifications, but you CAN do this sending messages to the bot and pushing a notification header with URL in a channel.


That is both shocking AND disgusting AND an invasion of privacy.

So, where’s your privacy policy on this then?

We cannot access your personal data in a self-managed instance of Rocket.Chat. Our code is open source, there are no back doors whatsoever.

Clearly there is one to enable you to do this isn’t there? So what ELSE can you do that you haven’t old anyone about???

That is plain disgusting. You should be completely and utterly ashamed of yourselves.

That completely destroys ANY trust I ever had in the Rocket team. Sorry. What a sad place this has become.


A name and email is all that is asked for during account signup.

When your workspace communicates with our services the only additional thing passed is a token containing your workspaceId, and accountId. Nothing else changes.

Rocket chat cloud is to buggy for production. I can not register or login. There are a lot of people on the forum with the same problem. RC support can not help. RC Cloud is unrealiable. And now we find out that you send all our messages from private on-premize server to Amazon. I shut down all pushes and have to find alternatives to RC. The pricing with this level of service is rediculous.

Came here after I saw that awkward message in the client and from the bot.

Click Register Self-Managed. Once you have the code paste it into the Token Field on Rocket.Chat

This does not work. Here’s what I see in Admin panel:

The email I get after pressing “Resend Email”:

The Rocket.Chat Cloud panel also has no token:

So where do I get the token to enter in “Manually enter the token received from the Cloud Registration Email.” field? It’s not in email, not in admin panel, I’m confused.

Anyway, that won’t work with the 1000 notification limit, as everyone noted there, basic math shows that it’s suitable only for a server with 1-5 users that do not use the chat. Currently it’s working unreliable + we have a problem with inability to use G Suite SSO (6 months and still there) - makes me feel uncertain if we chose the right chat system :frowning:


Rocket.Chat Alert:* *

a) How on earth do you even know, that I have privately running instance of rocket chat inside my network?
b) Who give you right to use my RCH instance to sending me spam messages and how is possible that you can even do it(well bot)?
c) Why do you constantly put a new integrations options in new versions of rocket chat as if I or others are interested connecting our private running instances to some cloud bul.Sh.t services of yours???
d) Whats the final goal of this crazyness? To me it looks like you want turn everything up side down. From simple “lets create FREE!!! slack alternative” for others enthusiast of slack type communication platform to f.c.it all, lets create some crazy hybrid platform, where local, private instances will be connected to some central instance a for those, who wouldnt want it, lets have some kryple version without half of functionalities, well the same path which countless open source project choose before you and which kill them, or make them instantly irrelevant. If this is the case and it looks like it is, then good luck and please stop making idiots from your community. At least have the decency to admit that you going to for monetization with your project…and its perfectly fine, its your work and tears, but stop making idiots from your users, make things clear and safe both sides their time for Christs sake - Thx!!!


Continuing the discussion from Enforcing Registration Requirement to Utilize Push Gateway:

I will not be as dramatic but this is important. @aaron.ogle How can you add a bot user for sending messages to the a self-hosted instance without the server’s admin’s permission and still be in-line with the above statement from your privacy policy? Can you explain this in a bit more detail?

Secondly. The 1000 limit is indeed too small. If you really do not want to target small servers then this limit should be larger. You do not really need metrics to realize that. I understand that the idea is to start low as it is easier to increase but this is obviously too conservative of a start.

Also please can you (“you” as the “rocket chat team”) be clear on the cost and how push notifications are calculated before enforcement begins? Whenever someone asked they were refereed to the sales team. But this is not enough. I fully understand the need for monetization but then you have to be very clear about what the limitations are, how are calculated and what they will cost to lift.

You want to analyze first before you want to define a price. Good (i agree) then you have to be clear that no self hosted instance is in danger of losing their notifications without a clear announcements first. But these limits are in the pricing page but you are not informing they are not enforced currently clearly. This problematic communication is an important issue. Users need to know if this is actually enforced (without having to come to the forums), when is the plan to begin to be enforced and what grace period will be given when enforcement begins.
These should clearly communicated in the open. the fact that you have to search in 2-3 forums threads for this is what makes people feel anxious and behaving dramatically about the topic.

If you are the messenger as you say then you ought to be well informed for the questions that will naturally come up with the announcement. The “its not my department” is not an excuse. An announcement that brings forward a limitation that is monetized without clear information about the cost and how the limitation is calculated just confuses and drives away users and clients. Especially when this announcement was made a long time ago and there is still not a clear path.


I just got this notification yesterday (!), giving me 10 days (!) to do the registration that DOES NOT WORK !! I opened a support request this month, the web panel shows 3 (!) instances of my server, no way to exclude any of them, and the server instance never connects to any of them.

If you want to REQUIRE users to do something, at least make SURE the feature WORKS!

THE BLATANT SPAM, OUT OF NOWHERE, WITH ALMOST NO TIME FOR RECOURSE (god forbid anyone prefers to go the self-service route, and has 10 DAYS for deploy appstore APPS, that usually takes 2 WEEKS), IS CLEARLY NOT THOUGHT OUT NOR RESPECTFUL FOR THE USERBASE.

It seems clear to me Rocket.Chat is turning into some spazzy startup with all the recent moves, favoring the Enterprise Plans and disregarding the Community Use. I just ask you to be clear of your intentions so we can make the correct decisions when adopting the platform or not.