Docker-Compose up/ auto update development


Dear All,

I am using win 10 pro and Docker-compose, It is running fine but if I change something in the source-code it doesn’t reload the server and shows the changes. Any idea?

I cannot access the meteor packages through CMD because is always end up with error messages. And also the meteor shell doesn’t load.

I am hoping someone had the same problem and able to help me.

I was thinking to use VM and use Ubuntu for development but we will load the app on windows platform.


Nothing of the sort :slight_smile:

In the UI goto: Administration->Layout

When running a released copy of Rocket.Chat consider it almost like an .exe you don’t go poking around inside of it, because you will break something. It is compiled down.

Instead you use the ways we provide to edit layout.

Much different than typical php project deployed via cpanel or any other website that you drop your assets in a folder and you edit away.

Even though you have checked out the code from git, when you run docker-compose you are actually running a released copy of Rocket.Chat not the raw source code from the directory you are in. But instead it goes out and fetches our latest release(at this time rocketchat/

Custom css in chat similar to facebook messenger

Hi Aaron,

Thanks very much for your response.

First, I really appreciate the work you guys did with this app.

I am a web developer and I am learning meteor.js and docker but I have good programming and databasing knowledge. After, a very deep research I have decided to use Rocket.Chat as an open source application with MIT license. I find the way to customise in the Layout menu as an administrator user. I think you guys did a very good job there and awesome options for a user who doesn’t have any programming knowledge.
But we like to use the app as a professional tool. Therefore, I have to add some more validations for the login and set different level of user groups with different permission level.
I know there is a rules option on the menu as well where you can add different rules but I am not sure it will be enough.But I have to read the full documentation, to able to prove it exactly.

I find this information in here:

“Editing Rocket.Chat Files
Editing files is relatively simple. After you run git clone, the files from the repository are saved on your computer. You can go to the cloned repository folder and edit or add files to Rocket.Chat. When you make changes to Rocket.Chat the server will automatically rebuild.
Sometimes changes can shut down the server, if that happens just run meteor npm start again.”

Because you are a developer as well you know that if you change anything in the source code and use GIT than you always have a previous version to go back.

Can we change the source code or not? I don’t mine to create an own docker image for the program and pull down the latest Mongo version but I am not sure about that if that works.

Best Regards.


You definitely can. But yes to see the changes using docker compose you’d have to build a new image.

Typically in development we just use the meteor command and iterate. When finished we’d do a meteor build and finally build a new image using that artifact


That is good news. Thanks very much for your help.