Rocket Chat Docker with SW changes

Hey there!

I would like to create a Rocket.Chat version with some changes on messages timing (I can explain more detailed if you want).

Eventually the goal is to have a Docker with the changes so I would be able to deploy it in one of the cloud services.

Question is how should I begin? Fork?
What is the ideal development environment taking care of the Docker as well?

I followed this Youtube in order to launch the latest version as a Docker over my Ubuntu VM and works like a cham!

How do I proceed from here?

Thanks a lot!

Hello Daniel, forking sounds good, probably you should change the docker-compose.yml to point to the docker image that has the changes you want to implement.

You can create an image using a Dockerfile that points to your fork, check the current Dockerfile here as an example, that uses the url for the official releases (you should change that), are you planning to put the image in dockerhub or just use it for your personal deployment in one of the cloud services? in the last case you can create the image locally adding a folder with the app instead of using curl, you can find an example of that also in the repo under the .docker folder

You can also take a look to the circle-ci on how to generate docker images
meteor build

docker build -t {your image name} -f .docker/Dockerfile {path where you have just the bundle} 

Hey Lucia,

Thanks for the info!

Actually the idea is to run it on gsuite.
I’m still not sure how can it be done but that is the goal eventually.

I’d be glad to get your inputs about that as well :slight_smile:


Hello Daniel, maybe this can be helpful if you want to use a VM running docker in google cloud platform for your server.

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I installed development environment on debian and its work fine , my question is how i can deploy rocket chat system on windows server , for example in angular 7 i run ng build --prod to export deployment file ,
anyone can help from where i can start to fix my problem ?