Using Docker and a local mongodb, outside of the container


I’m trying to get Rocket Chat to work with Docker. I have a local mongodb server with all the data. I downloaded the compose.yml file but I can’t get Rocket Chat to connect to mongodb. I tested from another container (Debian + mongodb) and it could connect.

Can anyone help me configure the default compose.yml to connect to an existing mongodb on the local machine, instead of creating a new container?



Have you seen this doc about editing the compose variables?

Thanks. I saw that but for some reason, it still wasn’t working. I’ll try again and see if I can figure it out. I probably made a mistake in formatting (or something similar).

I got everything working with a new mongodb container but there’s a good chance I’ll still need to point it elsewhere, in the near future.

Thanks for sharing the info . It really helped me :grinning:
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