Do not move chat label in roster until it is released


Roster label immediately moves to sort order position when I choose the chat to messaging. It is hard to find the same chat label then if I need to hide or mark it.
Sorting order rules should apply to the chat label only AFTER it is released from editing messages!


Also active chat label should be better highlighted in roster, bold and straightforward.


So you mean while an unfinished message is in that channel keep it pinned to the top of the list?


Top of the list would be OK. But keep label position would be OK too.

Btw, if I choose chat from search results often I don’t see the chat label in the roster frame left cause the label is far below visible window.


You keep saying label position. What do you exactly mean by label position?


I checked docs and realize that “chat label” = " channel name in the list of channels on the left-hand side"


btw, you can see in the screenshot #explanations channel is active but there is no channel name visible on the left-hand channels list

the reason is I’ve switched to #explanations via channel search


Ah… and your point is that its way down on the left side below everything else. Makes sense. You would have to scroll down.

Alternatively if you only have a few channels you want to find. Star it. Then change your view to keep at top.