Bubble DM conversations with new messages to the top?


I suggest bubbling DMs with new messages to the top of the list - it took me a while to figure out where my new messages were here:

Or perhaps leave it where it is, but add a summary on the ‘Direct Messages’ group:



Doesn’t the Sidebar channel list mode setting Unread Rooms Mode do this already?


Ah! Yes it does. Didn’t know where to look for it, thanks.


Hehe, this was my first reflex, wanted to point that out, too!



We might should consider making this default. For me this is the very first thing I enable anytime I join a new Rocket.Chat server.

It would drive me mad to have to search through a list for unreads.


Yeah, true. The optically nice & structured menu might look good on mockups and stuff but doesn’t play well in real life from a pragmatic point of view. So changing the default is probably more intuitive.



Yeah, making this default would be good.