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Disabling E2E encryption button for users

I need to disable the possibility for users to turn off the E2E encryption. At the moment they can turn off E2E encryption in direct chats by pressing the key icon in chat header.

Seems like there aren’t any settings in admin panel which can handle this.
Maybe someone has an experience to block this in some other way?
I’ve already created an issue, but was advised to ask here.

Linked issue here:

As was pointed out it isn’t really a bug per se - it’s really a feature request.

You could hide the button with a bit of custom CSS I guess.

This is for the web version, as I presume? And it won’t work for desktop/mobile apps?

No it won’t.

I’ve moved your issue in GitHub to our feature-requests repository where it’ll be looked at in due course. I recommend you move the conversation forward there. If you want to add anything that can help us push it forward, please add it there.

Thank you !! :smile: