Working with E2EE

I recently enabled E2EE on my RC server. As the server admin, I find that I can enable E2EE in any room or discussion that I’m a part of.

However, all the other users do not have an option to enable encryption at all. (outside, of any NEW rooms / discussions they start.)

Could someone explain if this is by design, and how users would be able to enable encryption? Is the intent only that the Admin can decide what rooms are encrypted?

One other question I have is the roadmap for allowing search functionality through out encrypted dialog and content. Do we know when this feature will be implemented, and will it work retroactively upon implementation?

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Just bumping this, as I’m really curious if there are plans to make searching encrypted chat, pictures, and files possible?

Rocket Chat is so close to be the ultimate platform, and the E2EE seems to be the only remaining hold out.

Hot dog the bump machine. Just seeing if this can get any action.

I believe this might be related to the room owner. Have you tried on latest version? It got some additional improvements I think in latest release.

Regarding search through encrypted. Thats a bit more difficult problem. I’d say its on the radar as something that would be nice. But probably not near term at the moment.